Episode 45 - Steph McKeller Smith

The show returns! Back from hiatus! All new! This week my guest is director and outgoing head of acting at NASDA, it's blimmin' STEPH McKELLER-SMITH. We talk about how she got to be the Steph of today and a fair whack about tertiary training for performers. 


Episode 46 - Hera Hjartardottir

This week my guest is super fun singer songwriter HERA. We talk about writing from the position of an outsider, building masks and the members of her first band. 

Hera online HERE

Episode 47 - Mirabel Oliver

This week I'm talking to clever visual artist and co-owner of Kadett Cafe MIRABEL OLIVER maker of My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasea and All Your Stars are Out.

Buy things!

My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasea HERE

All Your Stars Are Out HERE

Kadett! HERE

Episode 48 - Daniel Heaphy

This week I'm joined by circus performer and variety act DANIEL HEAPHY and we talk stilt acrobatics, contortion and wizardry. 

Heaphy online HERE

Episode 49 - Reg Blackwood

Reg Blackwood is a hypnotist and mentalist widely known for his work on TV's The 4:30 show. But we talk about a load of things including the inhibition caused by fear and why sometimes it's good to get it wrong. 

Reg online HERE

Episode 50 - Katie Cowan

Fallacies of American Court room drama! Peculiarities of NZ tax law! Negotiating contracts so you don't get dicked! This week I talk to musician, comic and lawyer KATIE COWAN about some serious business.

Episode 51 - David Correos

This week I'm joined by DAVID CORREOS, comedian, 2016 Billy T nominee and youTube sensation. We talk about comedy, destroying your ankle lifting things that are too heavy and solve all the problems. 

David on youTube HERE

Episode 52 - Rebekah Head

REBEKAH HEAD is an actress and cabaret singer who just returned from a 9 month long high school tour of Australia. Does that destroy a person?

Episode 53 - Nataliya Oryshchuk

This week my guest is theatre maker NATALIYA ORYSHCHUK. We talk about the collapse of the soviet union, state sponsored theatre criticism and her upcoming production of The Turn of the Screw.

PledgeMe for Turn of the Screw HERE

Episode 54 - Dan at in the loop

This week I whinge extensively about my overwhelming problems with couriers and then share my presentation from last week's IN THE LOOP session. 

Also a thing I made called DEAR LEADER.